The Washington Junior Football League (WJFL.ORG) is proud to announce our “5 –star Helmet Campaign.” This campaign is designed to outfit every child in grades 5-8 in our league with a brand new Xenith 5-star rated helmet for the 2016 season. This helmet is designed for the modern day football player with cutting edge technology to make the game safer. For more information about this helmet please visit: http://www.xenith.com

As everyone has seen in the past few years the word football and concussion have been Googled more then ever. Will Smith recently starred in a movie called “Concussion” which theatrically depicted the inception or “discovery” of concussions. The fact is that they have been around before then and now it has come to the forefront. What is the solution? Do we stop football? Do we tell kids it is not safe to play anymore? Do we not give kids of the 21st century the experience of football? Of course the answer is no. So what do we do?

The WJFL believes it can combat this issue in two ways:

One. New helmets. WJFL believes that helmet technology has vastly increased in the last three years. So much so that we believe a new helmet will decrease the likelihood of a concussion. Our current inventory of helmets are all certified but are not 5 star rated. Each new helmet can cost up to $135.00. To that end a brand new helmet for every current player in the WJFL will cost a total of $35,000 for grades 5-8.  This is where we need your help.

Two. Player Safety. Since it’s inception in 1989 the WJFL has always made player safety our top priority. In recent years we have installed two key components to player safety. First, WJFL has instituted a strict coach’s training program for all coaches in WJFL. This training program consists of online training and testing though USA football and certifies each coach how to prevent concussions, dehydration, and insure player safety. We also have individuals who are designated as our “Player Safety Coaches.” These individuals not only are required to be USA Heads up Certified but also are trained and tested for this position. The Player Safety Coach responsibilities are to train all other WJFL coaches in “Heads Up Football” which includes proper tackling and blocking form, heat/hydration protocol and other emergency situation. The Player Safety Coaches also attend practices throughout the season to monitor coach and player safety practices.

The WJFL has been combating concussions for years now. In fact we were recognized nationally by USA football as a league of all “Heads Up” certified coaches something rarely achieved. For more information please visit:


A second safety component is that we contract with Mercy to have a sports medicine trainer at all WJFL sponsored home games. If at any point a player has suffered any injury he/she is there to treat that injury. This ensures top quality professional assistance for any type of injury.  If a player cannot be treated at our portable medical tent further assistance can be provided.

As you can see the WJFL is committed to player safety.  We feel as though we are confidently accomplishing our second task but we need your help to accomplish our first task. We cannot do this without your help so please consider our cause and know that your commitment to our campaign is paramount to our goal. This campaign and all its supporters will be recognized with a permanent “5-Star Helmet Program” sign at our concession stand.  WJFL thanks you in advance for your support of this safety initiative. If you have questions or would like to make a donation please contact Lou Filla 636-390-3460, lfilla@wjfl.org or Mike Newbanks at 314-795-1737, mnewbanks@wjfl.org to be a part of this great program.

Please visit our website wjfl.org and click on 5-Star to find more information about our program.


Mike Newbanks

President WJFL