2020 WJFL Annual Jamboree

August 22, 2020

3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th graders will scrimmage at 9:00AM and should be wrapped up by 11:00AM.  6th and 8th graders will start at 1:00 PM and should be finished by 3:00PM. Each registered team should get 3-30 minute sessions against 3 different opponents.  The format is basic….  12 minutes on offense from the 40 yard line, 12 minutes on defense. Our jamboree is “Coach” officiated so please blow quick whistles to avoid injury. Trainers from Mercy will be on hand all day in the event they’re required.

COVID-19 has impacted many people in many ways, and has hampered/hindered our efforts to raise funds this year.  Please bring lots of folks and patronize our concession stand, pick up a few gun raffle tickets, etc.  We look forward to hosting you at this event. For any questions or concerns, please email us at wjfl@wjfl.org, or contact Shane Nunn at 636.221.9809.

Schedule and field map posted below.  Reasonable considerations have been made to ensure your team won’t face a conference/league opponent, though not in every circumstance.  We look forward to hosting you at this event.

Please use 400 Grand Avenue, Washington, MO. 63090 as the GPS reference.   This is the Four Rivers YMCA.   We are not affiliated, but our fields are directly behind the YMCA Facility.    Please click the link below to find an aerial view of our facility.   This will help guide you and your players to the appropriate field.


Time Field 4th Grade Time Field 5th Grade Time Field 7th Grade Time Field 6th Grade Time Field 8th Grade
9:00 AM 2 Fox 9:00 AM 3 Wentzville 9:00 AM 6 Fox 1:00 PM 1 Union 1:00 PM 5 Jr. Cadets
Hillsboro Union Jr. Cadets Francis Howell – A Fox
2 Wentzville 3 Hillsboro 6 Sullivan 1 Hillsboro 5 Southside
Washington Sullivan Francis Howell Francis Howell – B Jr. Griffens
9:30 AM 2 Fox 4 Francis Howell 5 Washington 2 Sullivan 6 Franics Howell
Wentzville Washington NCYA Lutheran Washington
2 Washington 9:30 AM 3 Wentzville 9:30 AM 6 Fox 2 Washington 6 Sullivan
Hillsboro Hillsboro Sullivan Jr. Cadets Lutheran
10:00 AM 2 Fox 3 Sullivan 6 Francis Howell 3 Southside 4 Seckman
Washington Francis Howell Washington Seckman Liberty Jr Eagles
2 Hillsboro 4 Washington 5 Jr. Cadets 1:30 PM 1 Union 1:30 PM 5 Southside
Wentzville Union NCYA Hillsboro Liberty Jr Eagles
10:00 AM 3 Wentzville 10:00 AM 6 Fox 1 Sullivan 5 Jr. Griffens
Francis Howell Francis Howell Francis Howell – A Fox
3 Sullivan 6 Washington 2 Francis Howell – B 6 Francis Howell
Washington Jr. Cadets Washington Sullivan
4 Union 5 Sullivan 2 Jr. Cadets 6 Lutheran
Hillsboro NCYA Southside Washington
Time Field 3rd Grade
9:00 AM 1 Seckman 3 Lutheran 4 Seckman
Hillsboro Seckman Jr. Cadets
1 Kirkwood 2:00 PM 1 Francis Howell – B 2:00 PM 5 Southside
U City Sullivan Jr. Cadets
9:30 AM 1 Seckman 1 Francis Howell – A 5 Fox
U City Hillsboro Washington
1 Hillsboro 2 Union 6 Francis Howell
Kirkwood Jr. Cadets Jr. Griffens
10:00 AM 1 Seckman 2 Southside 6 Sullivan
Kirkwood Lutheran Jr. Eagles
1 Hillsboro 3 Washington 4 Seckman
U City Seckman Lutheran